Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Running...Walking..Jogging..and repeat LOL!

Week 2 Day 2
Today is Week 2 day 2 of C25k program and I'm really pressing forward with this! I actually ran today for 14mins, which I did a mile WOOHOO!! I've run before, but I got so comfortable and stopped puttin' in the work to continue running. This year I said I would work hard at completing a 5k in March without stopping to walk! That'll be a huge accomplishment for me! I did my first 5k in Nov. 2009 and it was on a whim with my friend, Nancy. She's been runnin' for a while, but she didn't wanna do that run alone. So I said, "shoot, I'll do it with you!" But of course I was jokin' lol!! But I did it!! She encouraged me so much along the way! The 5ks I've done since 2009 have been tough because I wasn't training in order to run the 5k. I would just do it...which is a big no no!! This upcoming run, I'm preparing for it the right way! Since the C25k is a 9week training program, this should give me plenty of time to prepare my body to run for 30mins without walking! So, I'm trying to keep up my motivation and look forward to the run in March!

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