Friday, January 4, 2013

Not the best day...but I WILL recover!

I don't understand where my focus is!! I could slap myself in the face...and I mean literally slap myself in the face!! UGH!!! Why do I start strong and then finish so weak?!?!?! I did really well for breakfast, which is my norm...oatmeal and some type of fruit...this morning was a banana! Then, lo and behold, lunch was a DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!! Bojangles kids meal of 1 chicken leg, a biscuit, AND, seasoned fries!! However, I only ate a small amount of the fries! But still, I could've made a better choice. But unfortunately I didn't, so now I've gotta pay the price...and that is...A BIG OL' BLOATED BELLY!!!!! UGH, UGH, and one more UGH!!!!!

However, I do see sunshine on the way!!! YAY!!! I've heard the saying' "TALK IS CHEAP!" or "WALK THE WALK, TALK THE TALK!" so many times...and that's what I gotta say to myself now...and I mean NOW!!! Tomorrow is a new day and a ''do over'' which I have no intentions of doing over again. But I do realize now that I need outside motivation from a friend or family member. My cousin is actually my "buddy" because we're both strugglin' with our weight...but we both decided not to make resolutions for 2013, but to simply make better food choices and move our bodies more, and more, and more!!!

So now it's time for me to walk the walk, and talk the talk...don't talk about it...BE about it!! And I'll get it together...I don't have a choice! I can't expect to be a size 7/8 by the summer time if I don't put in the work!! So what's it gonna be? Am I gonna keep on complainin' about it and sittin' on my butt everyday after I get home from work OR am I gonna stop making excuses and get this done? I chose STOP MAKIN' EXCUSES AND GET...THIS...DONE!!!! I pray that when I wake up in the mornin', I'll have an energeticly motivated mind to put in the work physically, mentally, and emotionally to work hard, lose the inches, and live a healthier life. I only have one life to live, right? So I'm gonna make my body my temple and work on makin' in the best body it can be! :-)

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