Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good morning!

I feel better this morning! I wasn't feeling so optimistic yesterday, but I feel as though my focus isn't so cloudy anymore. I saw this quote from Joel Osteen on twitter this morning and I felt I should share it. I wake up each morning and I'm very thankful trip be alive and healthy. Yes I have some pounds to shed but I'm not sick or have any disabilities. In thankful! God has more in store for me!

I enjoy being able to read Joel Osteen's Tweets! 90% of the ones I've read have helped me in some way or another. I enjoy being able to read motivational quotes from preachers as well as inspirational people. It's encouraging to feel that others are going through similar experiences as I am! Yeah, mine might be a little more 'off tha hook' sometimes, lol, but I know I'm not alone.

Do you ever find yourself needing some type of encouragement, especially with losing weight? I do and since I live alone, my BFF and I encourage each other. Since we started a new year, we text each other and check in to make sure we're being accountable! Shoot, we even go as far as sendin' pics of our food or of ourselves workin' out! It makes a HUGE difference! So if you ever find that you lack the encouragement and can't seem to push yourself, find a buddy online, at work, or a family member! It's gonna take time to achieve our goals, but WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

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