Monday, January 7, 2013


Hmm, I sure wish I was there!!

So, this morning I'm a tad bit hungry!!! YIKES!!! My stomach is talkin' to me and she's sayin' FEED ME NOOOWWWWW!!! Okay, okay!! We're gonna have some same ol' same ol' for b'fast...oatmeal!! Oh, and a banana too! I'm tryin' to eat an hour of waking up because the "powers that be" have said eating 1hr from waking should help with energy levels! Since I just started doin' this yesterday, I don't see any increase in energy...yet!! I'm hoping for it because I really need the energy! I also figured that if I give myself enough time to actually 'wake up' before I leave my house to come to work, it'll probably help with my energy levels as well. My eyes still feel tired and I don't like all!

I don't have much going on today. I have a doctor appt this morning. Then I come back to work. Today is my walk/run day so I'll knock that out when I get home from work!! Well, that's all for now! Y'all have a blessed day now, ya hear?!?! :-)

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