Tuesday, July 2, 2013

196!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!

It's official!!! OMG!!! I've gained 10lbs over a month and I feel soooooo disgusted with myself!!! I wasn't workin' out on a regular basis because I was havin' pain that was finally goin' away, and I didn't wanna trigger any of it comin' back! So I didn't work out....hardly any!!! So, now I'm still seein' Dr Kin for my back and I'm slowly gettin' back into a regular workout regimine!
Today was ZUMBA Core!! It was a nice workout and a nice burn!!! 440 calories in 1 hr but I think I actually burned more than that! My HRM kept givin' me low numbers when I know good and doggone well my numbers shoulda been around 143-155 instead of 111-127. But 1 hr workouts aren't gonna cut it anymore....I gotta pick it up and increase to 1hr30mins or 2hrs...but doin' different things. Tomorrow after my visit with Dr Kin, I"m gonna do a 1hr walk. Not really concerned with the distance, but just focusin' on the time. Then when I get home, I'm gonna do my Bob Harper Kettlebell dvd...
For now, I'm anxious to see results, but I know it's gonna take time to get the 10lbs back off and more!
Well good night!! It's time for me to wind down and get ready for bed!! :-)

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