Friday, January 11, 2013

Nice, sweaty, run!

Ughhh look at all that sweat! This is from last night. I didn't get to post last night because I was worn out...whew, what a day!!??!! But that was a good walk/run! I actually jogged the first 20mins but had to walk because my right leg started to ache. I think it's because I'm not stretchin' enough and I need to start wearin' my compression socks again. The compression socks help out soooo mcuh!! Even with the stretchin', the compression socks help keep the circulation in my calves movin' so I won't get that tightness and make it uncomfortable for me to finish my fun run!! :x
Boy that's a lotta sweat!! Good work!!

Just ended week 2 day 3 and I'm so excited to move forward to week 3!!

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