Friday, January 25, 2013

Done with Week 4!!

I can't believe it...but I made it thru week 4...sooo excited to move forward to week 5, even tho I've heard this is a tough week! But you know what, I'm not gonna let that get the best of me! I'm gonna push thru and get the job done! Remember, I've got the 5k coming up in March and I'm very excited about it! This will hopefully be the 5k that I've done where I've been able to run the whole thing without stopping. But I've gotta stop being pig-headed and running even after I'm done with the program for the day. I do it to see how far I can go before my legs start to act crazy. By the way, that's another thing I've gotta get under control. So I think I'm gonna purchase some compression socks! From my understanding, compression socks are supposed to help with the circulation in my calves and help you go further on your runs. That's what I'm looking for PLUS to make my legs to stop aching while I run. Actually today was much better!! My heels are achey, but with time, I think it'll get better!!

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