Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1Mile run!

I couldn't take it...I had to try and run only today!! And I was very successful in doing a mile in 14mins =D> I tryin' to build up my stamina and I'm not too concerned with the distance as I am with the time. My friend keeps tellin' me to stop worryin' about the distance but just run the time. However, today my goal was a mile, and I wanted to do it under 12mins or right at 12mins, but unfortunately, my right leg started givin' me issues again! So I kinda lost my focus and felt like I had to stop...or at least I wanted to!! But I pushed through and made it to a mile. Tomorrow is day 3 of the week 4 of C25k and I'm so excited to finish this week and move on to week 5...half way there!! YAY!!!

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