Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Pace and Distance

WOOHOO!!! Best pace and distance so far!! Wow, I've gotta pat myself on the back for that!!=D> But I know I've still got a long way to go...5 more weeks!! But I'm gonna accomplish what I set out to do and that complete a 5k without stopping to walk [-X I've still gotta figure out how to keep my right leg from aching during my walk/runs! It doesn't hurt per se, but it does make me want to quit and not keep going! I fight thru it and I finish! What the heck am I gonna do on race day, especially if the achiness doesn't go away by March 30?!?! Shoot, I've got no clue, but I'm gonna take more time to stretch from this point forward. I don't wanna any drawbacks while I'm training for the 5k...none at all! But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!! :D
At the end of my c25k training, I try to jog to see how much further I can go! Here's my outcome for today! I did another treadmill run, but I'm anxious to get back outside and walk/run from there. I don't think my distance is accurate or even close but maybe it is. The trick with using Nike+ when doing an inside run is to hold my phone in my least that's the tip Nike gives LOL! It's supposed to measure my arm movement while I run/walk. So based on this theory, when I run inside, I'm averaging 2.5miles in 35mins. But again, I've gotta get outside to see if that's close or not! Anyhoo, I'm staying focused regardless of my distance and time. All I'm concerned about right now is finishing the C25k and being able to run for 30mins at the end of this training!!;)

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